What's in a name?

In 1903 during one of his whistlestop tours across the country, President Theodore Roosevelt stopped in the little town of Hugo, Colorado. It was morning and a small group of cowboys (drovers) were having breakfast at the campfire. The president came over to the drovers and history was made. Hugo would be known for Theodore Roosevelt's “breakfast with the drovers”. He was quoted as saying;

“Hugo’s all right! This makes me feel a whole lot younger. It’s like old times. I’d just like to drop off here and get up and ride the line for a day or two with you boys!”
President T. Roosevelt, Hugo Co. 1903

Business is a journey. It has a beginning and an end. Along the way are many whistle-stops along the way. Each one is a determining factor that influences how the rest journey will go.

My journey through life has had quite a few whistle-stops along the way. Here are a few that directly relate to where I am now.

• My work experience over the years has been in the area of Marketing, Graphic Design and Sales.

• While on business in Europe, I learned that I really enjoy traveling by train.

• I have ties to a little town in Colorado, called Hugo.

• I have a deep affection for history.

• Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt is one of the historical figures I admire. He is associated with integrity, pushing through to get things accomplished, courage, and a pioneer spirit. These are ideals for success.

When you combine these random facts and see how they relate, you begin to see why I chose the name Whistle-stop Marketing for this business journey. The connection with Teddy Roosevelt and Hugo was the inspiration for using the particular photograph. What better figure to portray the values of Whistle-stop Marketing?